Table sapui5 binding and Simple Table Create

view.xml file : put these filen under the <content> </content>

<Table id="tableId" items="{/data}">

<Text text="column 1"/>

<Text text="column 2"/>

<Text text="column 3"/>

<Text text="column"/>


<Text text="{column1}"/>
<Text text="{column2}"/>
<Text text="{column3}"/>

<core:Item key="{column}" text="{column}" />






controller.js File :

onInit: function() {
var a=this.getView().byId("tableId");
var b=new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel("Model/data.json");
a.setModel (b);


data.json : create the folder Model in the WebContent Folder after that just make one file data.json and paste below code in that

"data" :[





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