Value Pasing from master to detail page

value passing 

 From Master to detail Page / one page to another page

sending value from master page (master.controller.js) :

  • suppose u want to send master tittle to detail objectheader page
  • first take value of tittle in one variable ( which is var v)
  • if u r using master detail then value in lastupdatefinish event
  • var v1 = this.getView().byId("list1").getItems()[0].getTitle();  (master.controller.js)

( in the above navto  we passing v1 value through variable v )
  • pass the same value from manifest.json 

 "subroutes": [{
                        "pattern": "pkg/{v}",
                        "name": "Package",
                        "view": "Package",
                        "controlAggregation": "detailPages"

  • currently we r passing value from view package.

receiving value in package page (package.controller.js) :

  • if u want to display value in (package.view.xml) page then first create one objectheader here


  • then get value through package.controller.js and set to id incDataSet
 onInit : function() {

  var oRouter=sap.ui.core.UIComponent.getRouterFor(this);

var a=e.getParameter("arguments").v;
  var x=this.getView().byId("incDataSet");

done with value passing..!

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