What is Rest API ?

 What is Rest API ?

API, its a Application programing Interface is a set of rules defines how the applications are for that created some rules and principles called as Rest API. full form of Rest APi is Representational State Transfer

  • Rest APi provide the high level of flexibility to developers
  • REST APIs are also called as a RESTful APIs.
  • Rest APIs are communicate using the HTTP request
  • also they are ready to perfoem the CRUD operation

Rest API Principles - 

1) Uniform interface

all the api requests are looks like same. no matter how its coming from.

2) Client-server decoupling

Rest Api is communicate using the HTTP server. so this API helps to intracti with client as well as server. 

3) Statelessness

every api required some infomation for interaction but Rest API not required any data for interaction or any server side session.

4) Cacheability

some server responses are stored at client side because that the performance is increased

5) Layered system architecture

there are some layers are there in between the client and server and for communication some layers

are there in between the server and client because of that the communication happens correctly.

6) Code on demandcting

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